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Face painting and  delivering presents at the Orphanage Eid Celebration in Baghdad.


ICARE's team successfully hosted Eid celebration party in Iraqi safe house orphanage Baghdad as part of our ongoing Recipes for Prevention project. The event was incredibly rewarding and had a huge emotional impact on both the orphans and our team of volunteers. Its hard to describe the happiness felt by all who attended.

The celebration included a variety of activities including a musical show by our volunteers in which the kids joined and played along. This was followed by an educational talk by our volunteering doctors about health care and looking after oral and general hygiene. The children were given oral health packs with toothbrushes and toothpastes and shown how to use them! The children were treated to a delicious healthy meal by our volunteers and then enjoyed face painting. The fun didn't stop there and before the end of the celebrations we surprised the children with a visit from our national football team. They were over the moon! Next each child received an eid present and the team got to hang out for few hours with the children. It was such a happy occassion, none of us wanted to leave! 

We want to thank everyone who made this celebration a success in particular:
1) The wardens of the orphanage (Mr. Hisham Thahabee) for giving us the opportunity to host an eid party for the children.We thank him and his team for providing a safe loving environment for the children. 
2) The director of the Police Football club Mr. Ayad Bayan and the players Mr.Akram, Thurgham and Mahdi.
3) YOU! without you none of our work would be possible. Thank you for helping us put smiles on our beloved children's faces


"The power of "WE" is the understanding that a piece of string will
never be as strong as a piece of rope made up of many strings.

By working together we can create change. If you substitute I for WE,
ICARE becomes WE Care and Illness becomes WEllness".

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