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Recipes For Prevention: Babylon II

Pictured above: Iraqi children & mothers receives ICARE gift bags with new warm clothes & shoes, complete school supplies & health products. 

ICARE's volunteers in Babylon have successfully run our Prevention programme providing impoverished Children and orphans with prevention packs including warm clothing to get through the chilling winter months (Where the temperature has been as low as 0 degrees Celcius in some parts of Iraq). Such families live in make shift homes made of clay with no insulation or heating. Children living in this environment end up with colds, flus and chest infections. Recipes for Prevention aims to help reduce the occurence of disease by providing aid where its most needed. The event provided aid to 25 families in Babylon showing our beloved poor children and orphans that we care. Thank you for your support and donations. Share if you care!Special thanks to the Babylon team for their time and effort in making this project a reality. Regards to Forqan Ali Hussen, Yousif Mahmood, Basam, Haider Allaban, Ahmad Ahmed Allaban, Sura IL Gaz, Lana, Hassan, Hisham, Zaidm HaiDer K. AlAraji our director in Babylon Iz Alneama and Abu Noor ownder of the Mall in which the event was held.


"The power of "WE" is the understanding that a piece of string will
never be as strong as a piece of rope made up of many strings.

By working together we can create change. If you substitute I for WE,
ICARE becomes WE Care and Illness becomes WEllness".

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