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Pictured Abdalla's family live in such poverty that they are unable to purchase proper bedding for their baby and resolve to using an empty plastic fruit box and worn used blanket. 

Sponsoring Abdalla's Smile

The story of baby Abdallah is one that has touched our hearts at ICARE. This Iraqi angel is from a family living in poverty so much so that they could not afford a cot . or stroller for Abdallah.  This is not an uncommon occurence in Iraq. When our ICARE Anbar team met Abdallah his family were using an empty fruit box for a bed and the innocent child had tears of disspair and pain streaking down his face.  The team of volunteers in Anbar could not get this photo of young Abdulla out of their minds and so set out to put a smile back on his face. They were able to purchase a new cot and soft clean bedding and with the kind donation of a lady from Anbar got Abdulla a new stroller. Although its a simple gift and act of kindness Abdallah can sleep happily and safely as all babies should have the right to do. Thank you to ICARE Anbar and to the kind donors for putting a smile back on Abdallah's face and showing this poor family that there are people out there who care about them. Caring without conditions. 
Special thanks to our entire team in Anbar


"The power of "WE" is the understanding that a piece of string will
never be as strong as a piece of rope made up of many strings.

By working together we can create change. If you substitute I for WE,
ICARE becomes WE Care and Illness becomes WEllness".

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